Published: 05/17/2021

Dental implants are devices used for artificial roots of the teeth made of sturdy metal which are drilled into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the tissues of the bone to act as a real tooth root, on top of which artificial crowns can be placed. It is a complete teeth replacement treatment. If the treatment is well planned and well executed, as well as well taken care of, it will last for your entire lifetime.

Dental Implants Guide

Dental implants are an effective treatment and lasts a lifetime. You choose to go for dental implants because of its ability to look like natural teeth with improved appearance and beautiful smile where you can choose how you want your teeth to appear. You can select the size and shape of your crowns to achieve the smile of your dreams.

With the implants, the self confidence level can also improve because the evenly drawn-out teeth help in improved speech and feels more comfortable. With even teeth the experience of social eating also gets better which allows for level and keeping the mouth clean becomes easier than it would be for dentures.

Who can opt for dental implant surgery?

Dental implants are required when there is a tooth loss due to dental decay and dental trauma or injury. Sometimes when bridge is an option but does not suit the individual for whatever reasons, the dental implants can be chosen. When many teeth are missing, dental implants offer to get more than one crown to be fitted on one implant in some cases.

Depletion of bone mass

Resorption of bone mass happens when you lose your tooth, and allow the space to remain empty for a long period of time. The bone attached to the tooth slowly gets absorbed in the body because it is not needed for the support of the tooth which was anchored onto it. When the bone recedes into the body again, it leaves the empty space in its place. The jaw gets weakened without the bone, known as atrophy. Due to changed bone mass structure, the face appears sunken and old.

Dental health

Dental implants can exist with the natural teeth in the mouth. When you opt for dentures and bridges, the existing teeth sometimes get damaged because existing teeth are used as anchors for the bridges and dentures. Dental implants do not interfere with existing teeth because they are implanted into the jawbone, without disturbing the teeth in mouth already there.


Speech is directly related to the structure of teeth. When there are gaps in the teeth, the speech becomes difficult and unclear because of air movement from between the teeth. Dental Implants fill these gaps and give improved speech which boosts self -confidence. The self-confidence increases because the face gets a lift. There is a smile makeover, which can give you a smile of your dreams, increasing self-worth and confidence. Dental Implants is also very useful treatment for people who are into high profile jobs and have to appear in public. The improved appearance and better smile help people to be confident while talking, eating and laughing. Dental implants blend very well with other teeth in the mouth to give natural appearance.

Improved oral health

Dental implants help you in achieving better oral health because unlike dentures, where there is a possibility of friction between gums and dentures, in dental implants there is no friction because the implant stands alone on the gums. The patient is saved from ulcers and patches in the mouth created by the friction.


Unlike dentures, there is no need to remove dental implant at intervals. Dental Implants are embedded in the jawbone and allowed to be surrounded by the bone tissue.  Once it is well fixed in the bone, with the help of abutment, crowns are fixed on top of them. Once crowns are in place, the whole set up is very convenient.


Dental implants are very durable and once they are fixed, they do not need any extra care like dentures and bridges.  Normal good oral hygiene routine will take care of the dental implants for life.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are a good option for most patients. There are factors that should be considered before you opt for dental implants.

Good dental health

You should have healthy teeth and gums. Gum disease will interfere in the growth of bone tissue around the metal screw inserted into the jawbone. Get proper treatment for gum disease before you start the treatment for dental implants. You need to get proper cleaning of decay if there are cavities in your teeth. Any kind of decay and bacteria in the mouth will not allow the proper growth of bone tissue around the metal screw in the jawbone.

General good health

In addition to good dental health, it is important to be healthy overall. When you are going through dental implant treatment you will undergo surgeries, and use of antibiotics will be required. If you have any disease, the medication for the same will interfere with the medication for the dental treatment. For faster growth of tissue and for healing of wounds, your normal health should be robust.

Time management

You should be able to keep appointments given by dentist. It is important to be disciplined in keeping appointments because this treatment may take longer than other dental treatments as regrowth of bone tissue is required here.

Good dental hygiene habits

During the entire treatment period and even afterwards, it is vital that you keep your mouth clean and bacteria free. Any kind of decay is detrimental to the whole treatment.

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