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Do you have something you’d like to change about your teeth? Maybe you’d like them to be straighter, or perhaps you’d like to replace missing teeth, fix cracks and chips, or simply remove stains? Or even completely redesign your smile so that you feel more comfortable and confident day to day?

Thanks to the latest digital technology, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments are more affordable, pain-free and now allow you to see what your new smile will look like before you begin treatment.

This means you can feel confident about getting started, have total peace of mind that you’re getting the right treatment and feel excited about getting the perfect smile that compliments your face and personality.


How it works

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that allows you and your dentist to design the perfect smile together.

Using the latest digital diagnostic software, it allows you to visually preview and “test drive” your smile before proceeding with treatments.

Unlike traditional cosmetic dental treatments, DSD also examines how your mouth, cheeks, eyes and lips interact when you smile. This allows you and your dentist to see how your new smile will look in a number of situations and emotional states, helping you both to design a perfect smile.

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The 6 steps to your perfect smile

  1. We will take photos, X-rays and moulds of your mouth to create a digital “map” of your teeth. 
  2. We will then record a video of you talking and smiling from different angles, allowing us to understand the relationship between your teeth, lips, cheeks and other facial features.
  3. We compile the data into our Digital Smile Design software to generate a digital library of smiles. These smiles will be digitally placed over your teeth to show you what your new smile will look like. Think of it like a new smile brochure!
  4. We will then conduct a smile design analysis working alongside ceramists, dental technicians and specialists to achieve your dream smile.
  5. Finally, we present a mock-up of the end result. This will allow you to review the design of your new smile and make any adjustments including the length and colour of your new teeth, along with the overall shape of your new smile.
  6. Once your final smile design is approved and finalised, we’ll draw up a treatment plan for you. Then, we’re ready to begin treatment and give you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted!


DSD allows you to become the co-designer of your new smile. With cutting-edge digital imaging, you can finally enjoy a natural, confident and beautiful smile that matches your face and personality.


How quick is the DSD procedure?

Digital Smile Design is different for each patient. Your dentist will walk you through a customised treatment plan and together, you’ll decide on a timescale for completion.


Is Digital Smile Design painful?

No, you will not experience pain. Thanks to the use of digital technology and diagnostic tools, Digital Smile Design is a non-invasive procedure. Additionally, your dentist will offer you a number of sedation options during the treatments for your total comfort.


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