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South Plympton Cosmetic Injectables, Muscle Relaxers, and Dermal Fillers

Crossroad Dental provides comprehensive cosmetic treatments that accentuate the appearance and natural beauty of your smile. In addition to traditional aesthetic options like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, we’re also pleased to offer cosmetic injectables like well-known muscle relaxers and dermal fillers administered by the dentists in our practice.

Creating the Perfect Frame for Your Teeth

Having a beautiful smile is more than just achieving straight, white teeth and replacing the missing ones. The way your lips and facial tissues rest against your mouth can accentuate your appearance and address the changes caused by things such as tooth loss, aging, and thinning lips.

Applying dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables allows us to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and face. When you laugh or talk, you’ll be able to enjoy smoother, fuller tissues that compliment your overall appearance — and draw attention to your most important facial feature: your smile.

Managing Bruxism and TMJ Disorders

Overactive jaw joints (TMJ) and muscles can create tension through the face, neck, and shoulders. But the hyperactive muscles can also lead to extensive wear to the teeth, caused by clenching and grinding (bruxism.) Although bruxism is often a subconscious habit or caused by stress, it can lead to damaged dental work, headaches, and TMJ disorder.

By applying popular dermal injectables to the TMJ area, we can naturally relax the muscles and reduce fatigue and additional tooth wear.

Treatments for “Gummy Smiles”

When you smile in the mirror or pose for photographs with friends, do you see more gums than teeth?

A gummy looking smile isn’t always something that can be addressed through soft tissue gum recontouring or cosmetic dental restorations. Rather, it may be due to an overactive muscle in the upper lip, causing it to retract further than you would prefer.

Thanks to cosmetic injectables which also act as a muscle relaxant, we can administer the cosmetic injectable into the upper lip area and naturally relax the muscle responsible for retracting it when you smile or laugh. As a result, the lip lies lower than before, covering the pink “gummy” area that you’re used to seeing. No surgery is needed!

How Long Do Results Last?

Most of our cosmetic patients can expect their injectable, muscle relaxant, or dermal filler treatment results to last about 3-4 months. When combined together, these products tend to last a little longer.

Maintenance is easy. Just pop by our Plympton practice for a touch a few times each year to enjoy continued results.

Can a Dentist Administer Cosmetic Injectables?

Absolutely! At Crossroad Dental, our dentists are highly educated in orofacial anatomy. As such, they’re experts when it comes to understanding the delicate tissues of the face. Their experience administering local anaesthetic injections is just one example of why it’s so safe to trust a dentist with applying a temporary dermal filler or cosmetic injectable to areas around your face, cheeks, eyes, and forehead.

Taking Your Smile Makeover to the Next Level

If you’ve chosen to invest in aesthetic dental treatments, adding a dermal filler or injectable to your smile makeover plan can help you to enhance the overall results.

With fuller, smoothing looking lips and cheeks, you can smile with confidence knowing that sagging or fine lines aren’t distracting from the appearance that you’re looking to achieve.

The Difference Between Cosmetic Injectables and Dermal Fillers

Well known cosmetic injectables aren’t the only products used to treat problems like creases and wrinkles. Although they’re effective at relaxing the muscles in those areas (and thus smoothing the tension in the affected tissues,) dermal injectables work to plump the area and add volume, filling it out for a more youthful looking surface.

Because sun damage, age, and other factors can stretch and fatigue the skin, it tends to lose its fullness over time. Rather than triggering new collagen growth, we can stimulate the appearance of fullness by administering small amounts of safe cosmetic injectables into the tissues that have begun to experience thinning.

Depending on the area of your face that you want to address, our South Plympton dentist may recommend using one of these injectables or a combination of both. Using different solutions together can offer a combination effect that extends the overall results of the treatment.

Not Just Your Mouth

Your smile isn’t the only area where cosmetic injectables, popular muscle relaxants, and dermal fillers can help. We also offer cosmetic injectables for areas like:

  •  Crow’s feet
  •  Forehead
  •  Under-eye areas
  •  Jawline
  •  Nose

Anywhere that tissue is beginning to sag, fold, or crease on your face, it’s possible that injectables and dermal fillers can help!

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics in South Plympton. Schedule a consultation at Crossroad Dental today to find out how we can help you achieve the smile you’ve been searching for. Flexible financing options are available!

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