Published: 12/20/2018

The food that you eat and your lifestyle habits can affect your dental health in many different ways. If you are a person who likes to eat foods that are high in sugar, don’t be surprised if you find many cavities in your teeth. This is because bacteria like to feed on foods that are very high in sugar. The more the bacteria in your mouth, the more the amount of acid. This acid secreted by bacteria weaken the enamel and erode the teeth.

It is not only sweets, but other foods such as potatoes, bread, and even rice that can be high in sugar. When acidic foods destroy the enamel of the tooth, it will put you at a very high risk for cavities. Along with the diet you consume, lifestyle habits such as smoking or using tobacco products also put you at a very high risk for serious diseases such as oral cancer. It is very important to understand how your daily habits and the food you eat can affect your oral and overall physical health.

Food choices affecting oral health

Food And Lifestyle Habits Affect Oral Hygiene

Dentists across the world are concerned that their patients consume diets that are very high in sugar. Sodas that are full of sugar and empty calories, processed fruit juices with added sugar, and other snacks and sauces can have ingredients that affect teeth. These type of foods have little nutritional value. And when you consume them over a period of time, they can significantly affect the health of the teeth and gums.

The food choices that you make are very important factors when it comes to oral health. If you have young children, you have control over the food that they eat. The food consumed by children and young teens are very important in determining how quickly they develop cavities in their teeth. When the bacteria start eating the sugar, it produces acid which attacks the teeth. This acid slowly breaks down the tough tooth enamel over a long time.

Almost all types of food including milk and vegetables have some amount of sugar in them. But it doesn’t mean that you should completely skip all these type of foods. Many foods are an important part of healthy diet because it contains nutrients and minerals along with sugar. You just need to cut down on the sugar that you consume on a daily basis. In order to accomplish this, develop the habit of reading food labels to understand how much sugar is added into a particular food item. Try and choose foods and drinks that are very low in their sugar content.

If your diet does not have adequate nutrients in it, you will find that it is not very easy to resist infections of the teeth. You may be susceptible to gum diseases and cavities simply because your immunity and resistance is not strong enough. An unhealthy body and mouth can give rise to gum diseases which can even lead to tooth loss in adults. A nutritionally poor diet per se may not be the reason for gum disease, but research has found that if you are nutritional deficient, diseases can progress much faster and get to a much severe state quicker than they would otherwise.

Ensure that you eat a balanced diet, consume a number of food from the five major food groups that are available. Also, try and cut down on the number of snacks that you eat every day. If you have to consume some snacks, make sure that you choose some nutritious items such as raw vegetables, fruit, or even yoghurt. One thing to remember is that the food that you eat as part of a meal is likely to cause less harm because the saliva that is released during the consumption of the mail will help wash all the food from the mouth and reduce the effects of the acid produced by the bacteria.

Foods that are very high in sugar are a very common reason for tooth decay especially in children and young teens. Try and consume these food items once in a while rather than as a daily staple. This will help protect your teeth.


Smoking is also one of the most common reasons of gum diseases, tooth decay, and even oral cancer. The smoke from the cigarette has a highly toxic effect on the soft tissues of the mouth. The smoke interferes with the blood flow also staying the teeth drastically. Tobacco is proven to be a direct cause of serious conditions such as oral cancer. It also causes bad breath which can intern decrease your self-esteem and confidence.

Alcohol consumption

Along with a diet high in sugar and smoking, alcohol consumption is also a factor for oral problems. Drinking too much alcohol can result in a dehydrated mouth. When there is not enough saliva in the mouth, it can contribute to colonization of bacteria. When the bacteria increase in the mouth, it secretes acid which causes tooth decay. Not only this, people who are addicted to alcohol are less likely to be consistent with their oral care routine as well.

To ensure that you have great oral and physical health, make sure that you consume foods which are low in sugar and you avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking.

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