Published: 12/18/2020

Orthodontic dentistry has developed by leaps and bounds and through its different procedures it is now possible for almost everyone to have a bright set of perfect looking teeth. Moving teeth to their desired position, correcting the crooked or damaged teeth are all possible by dentistry. Braces have been used by many to correct their teeth.

invisalign advantages

Now, there are different options available for those who wish to straighten their teeth. Of course not everyone can go for the different procedures available. The severity of teeth alignment is one of the main factors that decide on which type of treatment one can go for.


Invisalign is one of the most advanced clear aligners that are chosen by many. It is invisible and clear and one need not be conscious of using braces and is the best choice for those who prefer invisible braces. The ease of use of this device also draws many people to it. As with all dental procedures, this process starts with a dental consultation. It must be kept in mind that not all dentists provide this treatment. Orthodontics are the ones who usually provide this versatile treatment.

The dental consultation will help decide if the person is suited for this mode of treatment. X rays and impressions of the teeth are taken to get a clear picture. A three-dimensional picture of the teeth is made using the information obtained from the consultation. This will provide how the teeth will look in the desired position.

All the Invisalign braces are custom made, once the pattern and type are decided through the 3 D technology, then the trays are made. The Invisalign aligners made are all different and the dentist/orthodontist will inform on how they are to be worn. Wearing them will slowly push the teeth to the desired position. Each aligner that is given should be worn for at least two weeks to get the desired effect. Continuously wearing the aligners is required for the teeth to move to the position, if that is not followed then the treatment does not proceed as planned. After these aligners are used correctly and the teeth have moved to the desired position, retainers need to be worn. This will give support to the gum/jaw lining to solidify around the new teeth.

Advantages over braces

Better looking

Using traditional braces, one has to put with placing wires in the mouth. Many wish to straighten their teeth, but hesitate as they do not want to wear visible braces or metal braces with their brackets showing. Many are embarrassed and conscious of using metal braces. But Invisalign helps people get straighten perfect teeth using braces that are not visible.

Easy to wear and remove

Invisalign can be worn and removed without going to the dentist. One can remove them while and wear them at ease. This is not the case with traditional braces. They can be removed only with help of the dentist. One should keep the braces on till the prescribed time. There is also the danger of wires poking the cheeks and bruising. But this is not the case with Invisalign. They are simple custom made trays that can be slipped on to the teeth and removed with ease as well.

No restrictions in consuming food

Having no restrictions and able to consume food that we like despite having done a dental procedure is unbelievable. But with using Invisalign, this is possible. There are no restrictions on any type of food. In the case of using braces, hard and chewy food – all should be avoided till the braces are removed. It is just not avoiding comfort food but fruits such as apples or pears also cannot be eaten as it is difficult with the metal braces. There are good chances of the metal braces being broken if one bites into hard food.

Provide the same effect but more comfortable

Wearing metal braces is uncomfortable as one will have the constant feeling of the wires inside the mouth. Talking, having food – all will be affected due to the metal braces. They hold each tooth in place and are held in place using wires at the end of the row of teeth. Wires can irritate the gum lining and the teeth. Invisalign on the other hand is devoid of any wires, they are trays that fit snugly onto each teeth. Both braces and Invisalign work to move the teeth to the perfect position, but with Invisalign braces one can achieve the effect with great ease.

No restrictions on users

Those who are involved in sports often worry about accidental injuries. It is bound to happen if one is involved in contact sports like football or basketball. Injuries to the front of the mouth/face can alleviate the injury if one is using metal braces. They might snap and can poke into the soft cheek/gum lining. Because of this reason, many who are actively involved in sports do not wear metal braces. With Invsalign braces one need not worry, as they can be removed when one is enjoying sports and slip them on after the game.

Enhanced oral hygiene

It is difficult to clean with metal braces on. Trying to reach the tiny spaces between the wires or brackets is next to impossible. Brushes often get entangled with the wires and make cleaning a real difficult task. Food debris can get stuck within the metal braces and if not removed, then they will attract bacterial action and can progress to tooth decay. This issue however is not felt when one is using Invisalign as they can be removed when consuming food and also while cleaning. Food does not get stuck anywhere and it will be easy to brush or floss. Oral health and hygiene do not get affected by Invisalign.

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