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South Plympton Children's Dentist

At Cross Road Dental, we provide dental care for children of all ages, starting from when they are 6 months old. We strive to create a comfortable and warm environment where children do not feel threatened and are not afraid of the dentist. Our dentists help children also participate in their oral hygiene, and make them aware of what is going on so they are not apprehensive about any treatment or procedure.

We offer a range of dental services for children including care of baby teeth and permanent teeth, fillings, orthodontic treatment, mouth guards, preventive care etc. We recommend a dental visit and cleaning at least once every six months for all children. During these visits our dentists will work with the kids to help them understand what is going on, and how they can also actively participate in caring for their teeth. We take great pride in seeing children grow with healthy teeth, and become confident adults who are proactive about dental care.

Early oral care

Your baby ’s first tooth may erupt any time between 6 to 8 months. As soon as the first tooth is out, bring the baby in for their first dental visit. This is the best time to lay the solid foundation for a future of healthy teeth and gums. Dental visits during infancy are important to ensure that all teeth develop well without any problems.

Regular exams and cleaning

Follow a regular dental exam schedule to make sure that you can maintain your child’s dental health. During the exam, our dentists will do the following:

  • Check for problems that may not be outwardly visible
  • Inspect teeth for cavities
  • Check for gum diseases
    Clean the teeth

A dental exam takes only 45 minutes at most. We thoroughly clean plaque or tartar build-up, rinse and polish the teeth. During this time, you can ask our dentist any questions you may have about your child’s oral health.

Crowns and fillings

If there is tooth decay, then it will need to be treated at the earliest. In the beginning stages of decay, tooth coloured fillings may be enough to restore the appearance and functionality of the teeth. Fillings may also be used for chipping and fracturing of teeth caused due to trauma.

If the decay has progressed beyond a point and is causing pain, we usually recommend a baby tooth root canal and a stainless steel crown treatment to hold them in place as long as required. We do not advise any type of permanent crowns for children under 18 years of age. In some cases, baby teeth may have to be removed. We place a space maintainer to hold the space for the permanent teeth that will come in later.

After fillings or stainless steel crowns, it is important to help your child maintain oral hygiene so the gums around the area heals well and does not get irritates due to further plaque build-up.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is required to strengthen teeth. Normally you get the required fluoride from water, but if a deficiency is noted your child will need a fluoride treatment.  After the treatment it is important not to eat, drink, or rinse so there is enough time for the fluoride to get absorbed by the teeth.

Mouth guards

Mouth guards are used to protect the teeth and gums from injuries that may be caused by full-contacts sports. It is a preventive measure to avoid teeth getting knocked out in case there is a blow to the face.

Our dental practice offers custom mouth guards that ensures a perfect fit. Check with us for more information.

Cross Road Dental practice is committed to creating a welcome environment for our young patients. If you want to bring your child in for a visit, give us a call right away and our friendly staff will schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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Cross Road Dental - South Plympton, SA
Cross Road Dental - South Plympton, SA
Cross Road Dental - South Plympton, SA
Cross Road Dental - South Plympton, SA
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