Published: 09/10/2019

RAA is a travel team which can fulfil your dreams of cruising around in lush cruises around the choicest of destinations, because it is associated with some of the leading Cruise companies as Partners. It is not easy to choose the destinations and Cruise Lines to decide on your trip.

Come and Join RAA on this exclusive event organised by Eventbrite to avail of the opportunities on Wed 23rd Oct 2019, between 6.15 PM to 8.30 PM,  at The Highway, 290, Anzac Highway, Plympton, Australia.

You will not regret this decision to attend the meet, because your cruise will start as soon as you join RAA and get the experts’ help in taking decisions about Cruise destinations and Cruise liners, which will suit your tastes and your pocket.

For hard core music lovers go on a Cruise to South Pacific on Rock to Boat. For nature lovers, there is a Cruise to the coasts of the New Zealand with their breadth taking views. You can opt for Amalfi and Greek Isles for the unique experience.

There are a number of home itineraries to explore too, directly from Adelaide.

The cherry on the top is exclusive on board credits, reduced fares, and deposits.

Visit the official website of Eventbrite to know more about offers and benefits.

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