Cross Road Dental offers a number of general services, which help make us a one-solution dental health practice for the entire family. They include:

Oral Cancer Screening

An integral part of our bi annual check of your mouth includes an examination of all the structures and tissues of the mouth for pathology. This includes the lips, cheeks, palate, tongue, floor of mouth and temporomandibular joints (jaw joints).

Endodontic Treatments

Commonly known as a “root canal” procedure, involves the active removal of potentially serious infections at the base of a tooth.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontics is the study and treatment of tissues around your teeth. That is, the gums that support your teeth.


Should you need a problematic tooth removed for any reason, we can provide this service in a gentle, caring manner. This service includes what’s commonly referred to as “wisdom tooth removal”.


As well as our implant services, we offer full service denture solutions to help replace arrays of missing or lost teeth.

Referrals to specialists

In the event that Cross Road Dental is unable to assist you with your dental health issues directly, we also offer professional and honest referrals to our extensive network of oral health specialists.


Repair pre-existing damage to your teeth.

    We can use:

  • composite fillings (also known as white fillings) – These are used for smaller cavities and defects in teeth.
  • ceramic (porcelain) inlays, onlays or crowns– These are used for larger cavities and defects where greater strength is required. This is performed in one of two ways:
    • two stage procedure utilizing a dental laboratory
    • single visit using CEREC computer generated imaging and milling completed right next to you while you watch!

This method of using computers to take scanned images of prepared teeth and convert to completed restorations is becoming the new standard in restorative dentistry.

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