Published: 09/07/2018

General dentistry is the branch of dentistry that aims at providing good dental health to patients. A wide variety of dental services are given by dentists who are skilled in this branch.


Overall dental health focuses on common problems such as tooth decay, sensitivity, plaque/tartar, gum diseases, bad breath etc. Services which are aimed at providing you with bright and sparkling teeth are also covered under the umbrella of general dentistry.

Different general dentistry services

General dentistry services can be categorised broadly as preventive services, cosmetic services, services affecting overall health, and restorative services.

Generally, you would seek dental services when you have problems like tooth ache, bleeding or sores in your mouth. They form the major bulk of general dentistry – these come under restorative dental services.

Restorative services can help you with a loose tooth, swelling and inflammation in the gums. Infection affects the gums and teeth both alike. Infection can lead to swelling – this can be seen as swelling in the gum tissue and is sometimes visible outside as swelling in your cheeks or neck area. The swelling and inflammation can be due to bacterial infection. Bacteria acts on food debris in your mouth, especially if you neglect to clean your mouth thoroughly in the night. If bacterial colonies act on these food particles, they release an acid which works on the gum tissues and creates damages.

Restorative services can also help when you have suffered dental trauma from contact sports like football, skating etc. Accidents caused in sports can lead to injuries to lips and gum tissue – bleeding and losing a tooth – all this can happen. Providing required dental services in this case also comes under restorative dental services that are provided in our clinic.

You may be worried if your teeth are crooked or misaligned. Some of you will be worrying if your teeth are stained. There are quite a few options you can choose to bring back your confidence. Simple treatment like teeth whitening is one of them. For teeth which are uneven or crooked – they can be set right by using dental veneers or by using dental crowns and bridges. These are simple prosthetic devices that will help you regain your confidence and sparkling smile.

Dental diseases are also known to affect the general health of a person. If you have ignored your dental problems it can escalate to other diseases – like diabetes or heart diseases. Sometimes if you have other diseases they can affect oral health as well. Prolonged medication can also affect oral health.

Preventive services is another area general dentists focus on. This is one of the most important services we provide to our clients. Maintaining good oral health is needed to have a disease free dental health. Regular dental consultations are the first step towards maintaining oral hygiene. Regularly doing basic cleaning services help in keeping a disease free oral area. Building up of plaque or tartar if untreated can lead to infection and more grave dental problems.

During an initial consultation session, dentists will usually provide you with guidance on a healthy lifestyle – the importance of following good cleaning techniques. They would also give you information on which type of food and drinks are harmful to dental health. It definitely helps to reduce sugary food and drinks and to stop smoking and tobacco usage.

When should you see a general dentist?

You should ideally visit your general dentist at least once in every six months. If that is not possible, at least as soon as you have a slight concern about your oral health. If you find your gums bleeding or your tooth aching, then it means that you need to get it checked immediately. Remember that the earlier you act, the better your chances of saving the tooth.

Depending on your unique circumstances, your dentist may want to see you once in six month, three months, or some other interval. It is important to keep these appointments as they are the key to maintaining good oral health.

If you maintain a good regime of oral hygiene at home, you will be able to quickly finish your health check-up at the dentist. This is guaranteed to keep your mouth healthy and free of all the usual mouth and gum diseases.

Reasons why you should visit a general dentist

The following are some important reasons for you to visit a general dentist:

  • Six-monthly cleaning that happens during a general dentistry check-up can help keep many teeth and gum diseases at bay
  • Oral examination screens for not only cavities and other minor issues, but also for diseases like cancer. The earlier you detect any disease, the better your prognosis
  • Making the check-up a habit will amply reward you over the long term. You brush and floss every day, so why not make dental visits a habit too?
  • Dental visits will also save you money in the long term. A quick filling is considerably less expensive than a root canal, dental implant, or a tooth extraction.

If you haven’t visited your general dentist in the last six months, it is time to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

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