Published: 03/10/2021

Invisalign is one of the many orthodontic treatments which is used to align teeth for a beautiful smile and to correct alignment problems. They are the type of braces which are invisible on the outside because they are clear.

how invisalign work

Braces are used to correct problems with the alignment of teeth. When the upper set of teeth does not rest correctly on lower set of teeth, there is a problem with chewing. And misaligned teeth do not give a perfect smile either. Invisalign treatment solves these problems.

Even if your teeth are not misaligned but still you want to improve your smile, then you can talk to your dentist get the treatment planned. Many adults opt for Invisalign because they are able to observe the guidelines and suggestions given by their dentist for the treatment to be successful. Also, people who are set in their lives, and are working already, also want to opt for getting the misalignment corrected, because they find Invisalign a good way to carry on with whatever they are doing without becoming conscious of their looks.

Unlike dental braces, Invisalign is invisible and are not obvious to others at all. Since Invisalign is prepared for individuals with the help of digital images of the patient’s mouth, the treatment is very individualized and effective. The end result – the beautiful smile desired is achieved with more flexibility because the appliance used to straighten the teeth is removable and is more flexible than metal appliances used in traditional braces where metal wires and stoppers are used. It is not only discreet, but comfortable for all ages. Even the cost is not very high compared to traditional braces.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works on the same principle as the braces, where the idea is to move the teeth in desired direction by applying mild pressure on the teeth. The dentists will have to first ascertain whether it is possible to move the teeth in desired direction and then they commence to do that.

Unlike braces, in Invisalign treatment, the patient has to put on a readied tray over his set of teeth for a stipulated time, and therefore, this treatment is very convenient because the patient is given the readied tray and he has to wear it.

The procedure begins with the visit to the dentist. The dentist first assesses the dental make-up of the patient. The initial assessment is to see whether you are an appropriate candidate for Invisalign treatment.  They will discuss your problems and expectations as well. This is the right time to ask any questions you may have.

After detailed examination of your teeth and your expectations, the dentist will then chalk out a plan. He will also discuss the duration and the cost of the entire treatment. They will ask for cooperation during the treatment in terms of following their instructions and also in keeping appointments.

Once the patients agree to the treatment details, the dental team will prepare for the digital impressions of the mouth and teeth. The dental 3D images will be sent to the laboratory which will prepare the trays.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of trays which, unlike braces, has to be worn over the teeth. These trays are precise and are developed according to calculations of the movement of the teeth after the first tray is put on and has done its work.

A series of trays will be prepared according the need of the patient, bases on the digital images of the mouth. The number of trays a patient will require depends on many factors like, the severity of misalignment of teeth, age of the patient and fitness of the patient. The patient is guided about how to wear the tray and how to remove it from the mouth. The tray is snapped onto the teeth and has a perfect fit. The tray is to be worn for 2 weeks and at the end of the two weeks period you have to move onto the second tray in the series. This procedure goes on for a while till you achieve your desired smile.

Invisalign trays are made from clear plastic. The material used is high grade acrylic which is very firm and strong. These aligners are made for each individual patient and fit snugly, ready to move the teeth slowly.  Since they are made into a tray which can be put on and removed easily, they are good for keeping good dental hygiene even while treatment is on. It can be removed while you eat, brush your teeth and floss. The more crooked your teeth are the more time and more trays will be used for straightening and moving the teeth. Usually, 10 to 24 months to complete the treatment is common.

During the treatment

It is advisable to stay away from smoking while the treatment is going on, and even after the treatment for that matter. Smoking will have an adverse effect on the treatment because it is known to stain the teeth and even after the completion of treatment you have proper smile, it will not look as good because of stains of smoking.

Do not eat while Invisalign is on because it will harm the product and it cannot work optimally if you chew food while they are in the mouth. It may sound like additional work, but the care taken now will result in a quicker and better smile.

At no point of time is dental hygiene more important than while the treatment is on. It is very important to brush your teeth after meals and before going to bed, because the last thing you want is any dental problems while treatment is on.

The brushing and flossing routine should be adhered to religiously throughout and after the treatment is over.

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