Published: 07/07/2019

Are you among the parents who are aware of the need for conservation of resources? Are you one of those who are anxious to teach your children the concept of wild life conservation? Well then, join us for an 8 week program “A to Zoo” which is a fun filled, action packed learning program for children between age 2 to 4.

The program is planned to introduce your child to a new animal every week through various methods like music craft and storytelling. The goal is to get your child excited about animals at Adelaide Zoo.

It will have 45 minutes per session per week, from Monday to Friday between 9.40 am to 10.35 pm.

Although all sessions are suitable for children 2 to 4 years, older children are encouraged to attend 11.30 am session. Each child will be accompanied by 1 adult. A different animal each week to discover and each term a new theme.

The fees include all sessions for 8 weeks, except zoo entry. Make the most of the opportunity by becoming a member and avail of unlimited free visits to the zoo.

The program will start on 29th July and will end on 13th Dec.

It is a short trip from south Plympton to Adelaide.

Adelaide is 8.5 km drive from south Plympton via Anzac highway. It will take about 14 minutes at most. Will take 15 min, 8.7 km via South road A2 and Anzac highway. It is 8,3 km via Anzac highway and Grote street.

Adelaide Zoo, Frome Road
Adelaide, SA 5000

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