Published: 04/01/2019

One of the most important attributes of Advance Care Planning is the nomination of a substitute decision maker when an adult person has reached such a state of physical and mental condition that he/she is unable to make a decision of his own healthcare choices. When such a plan is in place, it tends to reduce anxiety and stress in the family and patients themselves. It also helps in improving end of life care.

It is basically let people choose how to live and how to die in accordance with their personal values.

Palliative Care South Australia Inc is organizing an Advanced Care Planning Session at South Plympton, SA, in the month of May.

Program: Say it Forward – Advance Care Planning Session, SOUTH PLYMPTON

Date: Tue, 7 May 2019, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Venue: 543 Marion Road, South Plympton, SA 5038

Organized by: Palliative Care South Australia Inc

About the program

This care program is for all adults, it is mainly to address the planning and decisions regarding end of life care stage. When a person reaches an advance state of illness and impairment, sometimes he is unable to make decision about continuing the medical care and end life by withdrawing medicines in stages. At this stage of life the Advance Care Planning becomes vital. Who will decide what is to be done? And how to choose your Advanced Care directive?

This session is a platform where you will learn the alternatives and make a decision early enough so that you are anxiety free about your future illness and state.

A suburb of Adelaide in the city of Marion, South Plympton has a boundary which includes Towers Terrace and Winifred avenues in the east, bound by Marion road in the west and Glenelg tram line to the north. Wood Street falls to the south.

Reaching South Plympton from Adelaid by road will take 13 minutes via Anzac Highway.

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