Published: 06/08/2019

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a situation where the patient cannot wait for the dentist’s appointment, but has to visit ER or has to see the dentist in his office outside of visiting hours.

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Dental emergencies include among other things, an unbearable pain in the teeth, jaws, and mouth, a broken or loosened tooth, bleeding from the teeth or jaws, and other oral situations which are life threatening.

There are different sorts of dental emergencies. But among them pain and broken tooth are the most common. The other common emergencies which bring patients to emergency rooms for treatment include, pulpititis, broken and missing teeth, gum abscesses, bleeding gums, swollen jaws, pain, inflamed nerve and tooth, inflammation around wisdom tooth, and accidents involving trauma to teeth.

Generally speaking, any dental problem that requires immediate treatment for bleeding, severe pain, life threatening infections, or save a lost tooth is considered a dental emergency.

Common emergencies requiring immediate dental treatment

These are the common scenarios that needs immediate attention. If you find yourself in any one of them, you should immediately ask to see your dentist or admit yourself in ER.

Unbearable pain in the tooth or jaws

Toothache are very common problem affecting all strata of society alike. The toothache varies in intensity. When you have any one of various dental problems you may suffer from a toothache. If the ache is dull and chronic, you must visit your dentist and go for the required treatment. But when the pain is killing, so unbearable that you feel like dying to get out of this pain then it is time you should see your dentist immediately regardless of what time of day or night it is. The severe pain may result from pus in roots, pulpitis which is abscessed pulp in the tooth, gingivitis and a horde of other dental problems. Only a dentist can go to the root cause of the pain and alleviate the pain before starting on a course of action.

A tooth with abscess is a condition that requires immediate medical attention as it may turn into a life threatening situation. A tooth may have developed pus at the root or in the pulp, and it may have become infected leading to fever, a severe toothache, a tender lymph node in the neck, swelling in the face, and a bump in the jaw near the infected tooth. If not treated right away, it may extend to your jaw, and the surrounding tissues. It can travel to other body parts also. When the pus in the mouth or any part of the tooth goes untreated, it affects any area of the body leading to very serious consequences.

Accidentally fallen or knocked-off tooth

When there is an accident involving your face, and you find yourself with a dislodged tooth, you must see a dentist immediately with the fallen tooth carefully preserved in a small box with milk. If you can see a dentist immediately after the accident when your tooth has been knocked out, it is possible to get your tooth reinstated by your dentist, provided you have taken care of your fallen tooth by keeping it safely in a container full of milk. Your dentist can perform this task only if you go to emergency treatment with the tooth kept intact in a small container. Seeing the emergency dentist is equally important for chipped or cracked tooth by accident, to avoid damaging the gums from the raw edge of the cracked tooth.

A loose wiggly tooth calls for immediate attention, as it may be due to localized infection. Often it may be accompanied by red and bleeding gums. It is worrying condition considered an emergency.

Severe swelling of the gums, and jaws with accompanying pain mean infected roots and tissues in the jaws. It is an emergency situation as it may lead to serious problems needing immediate attention.

Signs of serious dental issues requiring emergency treatment

When you feel a numb along your jaw line or around your mouth say it could be infection of the lymph, a node, or gum and tooth infection. It can even be more serious. When you notice a bump, take an appointment with your dentist before it turns into an emergency.

When the pain suddenly stops it is a sign of trouble. When an abscess travels far and very near a nerve which blocks messages of pain.

If you feel tired all the time without being physically stressed, it can be sign of oral infection among other things. We are all stressed out most of the time in the daily grind. But that exhaustion is separate from this dull feeling of being tired all the time. This feeling of being worn down all the time is an indication of low level of infection in the body, which can be in the mouth. It worth getting yourself checked for gum or tooth diseases.

When you feel a weird taste in the mouth like metal, it may indicate problems in the teeth. It could be that your dental filling has broken down. It is important to get it fixed before it turns into more severe problem.

When you feel your jaw hurting, it is a sign of teeth problems among many other things. Get your teeth and jaws checked. Jaw pain comes from clenching teeth bruxism. Make an appointment with your dentist and make sure all is well with your teeth.

When you get persistent headaches it could be sign of impending teeth issues. Headaches are related to toothaches because all the nerves in the head and mouth go to the brain, and there is a chance of cross connection between the two.

When you have a persistent cold and fever along with a headache, it could be r tooth abscess or gum infection. Get yourself checked by a dentist first.

When you get persistent cuts in the mouth, or when you keep cutting on your tongue on the same place, it is sign of gum and teeth infections.

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